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2018 NSD ANNUAL COUNCIL - NSD President's Report

1. Introduction
Last year, after Dr. Jairyong Lee’s retirement, I was given the great responsibility to serve for the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) and working for the mission in its huge territory. Dr. Lee accomplished the great task of delivering the Gospel throughout the NSD and led the revival of missions with his outstanding leadership. As I assumed this heavy responsibility, I did so with fear and trembling in my heart. This naturally drew me closer to our almighty God and caused me to look upon Him as is the source of all strength and wisdom. Looking back over the past year, I must confess that God has been the leader and He has accomplished all things. I give my deep appreciation to the union and conference presidents, including the institutional presidents. I am also grateful to the NSD officers, directors, and staff for their full support and cooperation. I once again thank everyone, and I truly think that we successfully achieved our given task through each of your support and contributions. I praise and thank the Lord for being with me every moment and every step of the way.


2. All Japan 2018 Maranatha
By the grace of God, the All Japan 2018 Maranatha TMI evangelistic meeting was successfully completed. This special series was held in May of this year at one hundred sixty one sites, simultaneously, throughout Japan. It was an impactful series, which showed us the possibility of evangelism in Japan. It was impressive to see all leaders and church members joined together with the spirit of Total Member Involvement, using various soul-seeking tools, doing Bible studies, and witnessing Jesus' love and spreading the gospel. Many leaders inside and outside of the NSD territory, including GC President Ted Wilson, assisted in this event by coming as a speaker. As a result, hundreds of Bible seekers participated, and one hundred forty people were baptized accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Beginning with this evangelistic series, the Japan Union Conference (JUC) is planning to have All Japan Maranatha meetings in 2019 and 2020. The churches in Japan are moving! To expand the kingdom of the Lord, all leaders and church members are going forward. I glorify and praise God, who poured out many blessings throughout the evangelistic meetings. I also thank the General Conference leaders for their great support. I give my appreciation to Pastor Shimada for his great effort to successfully carry out the meetings, and also to the JUC leaders, pastors, and church members. Thank you!


3. NSD Mission Congress
The NSD International Mission Congress was held at the KINTEX exhibition center in Korea from August 8-11, under the theme of “Go Forward”! From the first day, around four thousand people participated and made the congress a success. It was truly a touching and Spirit-filled mission celebration to see five thousand people gathered on the Sabbath day. It was wonderful worshipping with people, not only for the NSD territory, but also representatives from forty different countries, since the meeting was in conjunction with the GAiN Conference. From the planning stage, this congress was to support the local conferences and churches to take part in different programs and activities with the NSD securing the space and time. Hence, with the full support of the local conferences’ and churches’ active participation, this congress was a success. Once again, I deeply appreciate the union and conference leaders. They are the ones who brought the success to the Mission Congress. This congress was a blessed mission festival time for each of us. It was time for God’s children to be unitedly gathered together in one place praising God for all the things He has done. We were blessed with many touching stories, testimonies, praises, various seminars and conferences. Reports were presented from each union and conference, and there were also traditional performances, children’s programs, and outdoor activities. On top of all that, the eighty two booth exhibition area drew a lot of attention. Through the exhibition, local churches introduced and shared ideas on successful mission outreach programs. It was very practical and many were touched by their ministry. I appreciate IMC coordinator, Pastor Kim Nak Hyung, and his team for showing ceaseless effort from the beginning to the end. Also, my gratitude goes to the unions, conferences, local churches, institutions, and various mission organizations for preparing and sharing great programs and showing active participation. Thanks to Elder Ted Wilson for delivering a powerful message on Sabbath, and again to the GC leaders for their great support and participation.


4. Mission to the City Evangelism
The population in the NSD territory is one-fifth of the world population. Most people are concentrated in city areas. There are more than one hundred fifty cities in the NSD territory with over one million in population. It is our mission to spread the gospel to these people. E.G. White has acknowledged the importance of city evangelism and stated, “The burden of the needs of our cities has rested so heavily upon me that it has sometimes seemed I should die” (EV 34). Most of this year’s All Japan 2018 Marantha meetings were focusing on the large cities, and the Korean Union Conference also held big city evangelism in 220 locations early this year. The Chinese Union Mission (CHUM) leadership, inspite of the various challenges in that territory, have been doing their best to encourage the local churches to hold city evangelistic meetings. The Taiwan Conference (TWC) initiated the 777 Mission Movement and the churches are unitedly putting forth further effort to win souls. The Mongolia Mission (MM) is concentrating their mission work in Ulanbataar, where half of Mongolia’s population is living. We are hearing positive results from them. We should pay more attention to making city evangelism successful.


5. Youth Evangelism
Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are among the top countries with the lowest birth rate in the world. The birth rate is falling sharply and the average life expectancy is rising. These countries are becoming a super-aged society. However, the church is aging even faster than the society. We have to focus on growing younger churches. Thanks to JUC for the successful progress of the Youth Rush program. This is a youth-focused mission program where the youth stay together for three weeks and share books with the community. Their goal is to have three hundred youth, and so far one hundred seventy youth have completed their training serving in local churches. KUC held youth evangelism in one hundred three locations from July to September. Two hundred eighty young people were baptized and became children of God. MM launched the Public Campus Missionary program in September of this year. Twenty university students have joined this program as campus missionaries. They will be staying together in a dormitory, and will be trained for a year to reach fellow students at the University campus. These are the programs that will help the youth evangelize youth. I appreciate the local conference leaders and youth directors for guiding and training young people in the field to evangelize and live the life of an evangelist. We have to focus more on youth and children’s evangelism in the NSD territory. We must keep the church young.


6. Vision One Million 2020 and 2019 TMI Evangelistic Meetings
The quinquennial goal of the NSD is to reach one million church membership by the year 2020. Through human eyes it seems like a great challenge, but as we go forward depending on the power of the Holy Spirit, God will bring us success. “How little can men do in the work of saving souls, and yet how much through Christ if they are imbued with His spirit!” (GW 144).
The countries under the NSD territory made special plans to have “TMI Total Evangelism” in 2019. We will have an evangelism series at 2,019 different locations. We decided to have meetings in 1,000 places in Korea; 110 in Japan; 110 in Taiwan; 20 in Hong Kong & Macao; 29 in Mongolia; and 750 locations in mainland China.
Our hope is that all the churches and institutions participate in these evangelistic meetings, and that the pastors and church members will be involved. The power of the Holy Spirit will be with us as we all rise up and spread the gospel in 2,019 locations, sharing the soon coming of Jesus Christ. Thousands of people will be drawn to Jesus. Please pray for these special TMI evangelistic meetings in 2019.


7. NSD Building Construction – A Center of Influence
NSD building construction had its ground breaking ceremony in September 2017, and without much difficulty its progress is going well. God gave us a beautiful site that is surrounded by a mountain. To cut the slopes of the mountain, level the ground and lay the foundation was not easy. Therefore, it is taking more time. It took two thousand five hundred truckloads to remove the dirt for the foundation of the building. As of October, we have completed up to the second floor work. We expect to complete the construction by May or June of next year. I hope that this building will serve as a center of influence which is closely connected with the community, and that it will serve as a mission center for North Korea and the vast territory of NSD. I thank all who are involved with this project and may the Lord be with this construction until its completion.


8. Conclusion
“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matt 24:14). Many cities under the NSD territory remain unreached in terms of mission. People are neglecting the gospel in the fast approaching waves of secularism and materialism. It is our mission to spread the gospel to all people in the NSD area. “The Lord is soon to come, and we must be prepared to meet Him in peace. Let us be determined to do all in our power to impart light to those around us” (8T 253).
I deeply appreciate the union, conference and mission presidents, leaders of each organization, and the NSD directors and staff for their hard effort to expand the kingdom of heaven despite the challenges we had throughout 2018. May God’s richest blessings be upon you all! Maranatha!