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  • NSD 2017 Week of Spiritual Emphasis
  • Questions God Wants to Ask NSD by Pastor HyunMin Kim

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  • Questions God Wants to Ask NSD by Pas...
  • Mission 16 Evangelistic Meeting in UB...


  • NSD Pathfinder Camporee will take place from Aug 8-12, 2017 in TAC, Taiwan
  • Vision One Million 2020 - Mission First in All Activities to Reach the World
  • TMI is a calendar-driven intentional soul winning plan that discovers the needs of family, friends, and neighbors
  • 2015 NSD Youth Leaders Congress
  • A People Connected - Seventh-day Adventists
  • The Creation - The Earth is a Witness
  • 2013 NSD International Mission Congress - Japanese
  • Adventist leaders introduce the Great Controversy Project
  • Revived by His Word (Children) - Reading through the Bible together