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Hope TV ( - The Hope Channel is a Christian television network that seeks to bring everlasting hope to people around the world. We believe true inner peace and contentment is found in Jesus Christ. Our programming is designed to help people experience the abundant life that Jesus promised in John 10:10.

Chinese Hope TV ( - Hope Channel’s newest addition to the network, Chinese Hope TV (CHTV), has begun enlightening the hearts and minds of a billion-plus precious souls worldwide to the beauty of the Gospel.

Japanese Adventist World Radio ( – in this site you can listen to the interesting and helpful Christian broadcasting for various bible studies.

Korean Adventist World Radio ( – Korean AWR provides wide range of radio programs on bible studies, family life, bible story, sermon, health and music, etc.

Breath of Life ( - Breath of Life Ministries seeks to help individuals discover the truth of God's life-enabling concern for their well being. The mission of Breath of Life Ministries is to present the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to all people groups from a contemporary, urban perspective.

Faith For Today ( - Faith For Today is a Seventh-day Adventist media ministry committed to leading skeptical individuals to a timely, meaningful and eternal relationship with Christ. The primary tools the ministry uses are television and internet programming. A wide variety of media will be used as tools to inspire faith in those that have none, restore faith in those that have lost it and to build faith in those seeking to grow in it.

It is written ( - It Is Written is a deeply spiritual, donor-supported ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world. It Is Written seeks to impact lives for Christ in four ways—through the weekly telecast, a worldwide evangelistic ministry, the Internet, and Christian living and faith-sharing resources.

Life Talk Radio ( - LifeTalk Radio reaches out to men and women, empathizing with them, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence, and leading them to Jesus! Through advanced satellite technology, LifeTalk Radio is broadcasting God's message of love and redemption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programs, designed to strengthen spiritual life and family values, are shared along with carefully chosen music to transform lives.