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Kim, Kwon

Pastor Kwon Kim, is the director of the Sabbath school and personal ministries, effective June 1, 2021. His job responsibilities are Director of SSPM; Publishing Ministries, Discipleship Training, Retention and Reclatmation, Bible Correspondence School.


Pr. Kim's ministerial career began as a local church pastor, followed by various assignments that include Sahmyook Hospital Chaiplain, Children's and Family Ministry director at ECKC(East-Central Korean Conference), Associate SSPM director of ECKC, and ECKC Treasurer.


Before he joined the NSD he served as a senior church pastor at SahmYook Central Church. Pr. Kim graduated from the Sahmyook University(major in Theology)and received a masteral degree from the Adventist Universtiy of the Philippines (AIIAS)



Ministry Description

Sabbath School
The purpose of the Sabbath School is to make disciples for Christ. It includes the nurture of spiritual growth in members and prospective members, as well as the unchurched who join in the fellowship, study, sharing and service. The Sabbath School exists not only to minister to its members, but to train its members to minister to others. The Sabbath School is a school of Christian living, not just an event on Sabbath mornings.
Personal Ministries
Personal Ministries Department's primary focus is evangelism. Its goal is to help prepare men and women for the kingdom of glory. The Personal Ministries Department works closely with the other church departments to assist in their evangelistic efforts. Some of the activities of Personal Ministries include:

  1. free personal Bible studies;
  2. group Bible studies, such as the Voice of Prophecy Bible Courses and Revelation Seminars;
  3. tract distribution, and other evangelistic programs.

    Support Staff

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