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Shepherdess Ministries Web Site:


Link to NSD Spouses video report: NSD Spouses video report

Ministry Initiatives

Book Translation Project – “Radical Protection”


•The Mongolian version was translated, printed, and distributed to all NSD pastoral spouses.
•The Korean version has been translated and printed by the Korean Union Conference.
•The Japanese version has been printed.
•The Chinese version has been translated, and will be printed in Simplified Chinese by Chinese Union Mission.

Pastoral Prayer Calendar:

Our goal is to be more intentional about praying for each other. The prayer calendar includes the name of pastoral spouses and lady pastors from the NSD mission territories and the “Reviewed by His Word”scripture reading for each day. Please e-mail Lynn Ripley the names and email addresses of pastoral spouses in your country so that they can be included in the prayer blessing.


Web site for NSD pastoral spousesis live at

The site contains practical articles on pastoral family life, outreach seminars, and discipleship tools. These have been translated into the major languages of the NSD mission field: Chinese, simplified and traditional; Japanese, Korean, and Mongolian. There is also a link to the GC Pastoral Spouses/Shepherdess web site. Please send Lynn Ripley electronic files of materials from your country that would be helpful to others. We will add them to the web site. Our goal is to share useful ministry resources that will help as you serve your pastoral spouses and their families.


Sharing Stories of Your Outreach

Please send articles and pictures of your activities to Lynn Ripley We will share them in our newsletter and NSD News & Views.


Why a Shepherdess – Pastoral Spouses Ministry?

Research projects on pastors’ spouses feelings and attitudes reflect both positive and negative responses. Most pastoral spouses serve in active, volunteer ministry in their church, supporting their husband’s work. These surveys indicate the need for an effective support system to encourage and strengthen them in their roles. These committed men and women are doing a great, though often unrecognized, work for the church. Many express the need for more training becuse they feel inadequate to meet the demands of their various roles.


Spiritual Growth and Active Discipleship

The NSD Spouses’ Ministry has developed a Discipleship series that focuses on growing in a personal relationship with Jesus and being an effective witness for Him.


Connection for Support and Encouragement

The NSD Spouses’ Ministry has a monthly email newsletter, prayer calendar, and web page. The monthly newsletter includes ministry stories from our NSD mission territory, ministry ideas, and practical ministry articles.


Equipping for Joyful, Fruitful Witness


A pilot series of classes has been successfully completed with the help of Korean Union Conference Shepherdess International Coordinator, Kang Soon Ki, together with Kim Nami, Ph. D., Sahmyook University Professor, Licensed Counselor, and pastoral spouse, has developed a curriculum that is based on God’s Word and focused on Mental Well-Being. The next goal is to record Dr. Kim Nami’s presentations in English and publish a DVD with small group materials. The NSD unions, missions, and conference can then dub the DVD’s in the needed language and translate the handouts. Spouses can show the series when they meet together. Then spend time in learning, discussion, fellowship, and prayer for each other.




Lisa Clouzet, DMin, NCC, LPC

Associate Ministerial Secretary
Director of Children's/Women's/Family Ministries


Lisa Clouzet was born and raised in Iowa, in the Midwestern section of the United States. She graduated from Andrews University with a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology, and went on to obtain an M.S. in Community Counseling and an M.A. in Religious Studies, both from Southern Adventist University. Lisa completed her D.Min. at Andrews University.


Lisa served as a chaplain and counselor for several years in the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area where she worked with a variety of clients in the educational and healthcare systems. In 2007, she became the Director of the Seminary Spouses in Ministry at the North American Division Evangelism Institute, where she also served as Assistant Professor of Ministry and Chaplaincy at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. Lisa mentored, coached, and counseled seminary student spouses and taught in the Christian Ministry Department of the Seminary.


Lisa is married to Ron Clouzet, Ministerial Association Secretary of NSD. They have two grown sons and a daughter—Christoffer, Alex, and Stefani.

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