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NSD Ministerial Spouses Association

Sharing Stories of Your Outreach

Please send articles and pictures of your activities to Moon, Da Yeon. We will share them in The Journal and NSD News & Views.



Why a Shepherdess – Pastoral Spouses Ministry?

Research projects on pastors’ spouses' feelings and attitudes reflect both positive and negative responses. Most pastoral spouses serve in active, volunteer ministry in their church, supporting their spouses' work. These surveys indicate the need for an effective support system to encourage and strengthen them in their roles. These committed men and women are doing a great, though often unrecognized, work for the church. Many express the need for more training because they feel inadequate to meet the demands of their various roles.



Spiritual Growth and Active Discipleship

The NSD Ministerial Spouses’ Association has developed a Discipleship series that focuses on growing in a personal relationship with Jesus and being an effective witness for Him.



Equipping for Joyful Witness

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