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  • photo Choi, Ho Young Email Coordinator of Music Ministries, Director of Youth Ministries
  • photo Cho, Dae Yeon Email Asso. Coordinator of Music Ministries for Golden Angels

Choi, Ho Young

Pastor Ho Young Choi, Youth Director of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), graduated from Sahmyook University in Korea with a B.A in Theology, and obtained a Master's Degree in Public Health (M.P.H) from Graduate School of Health Science and Social Welfare Sahmyook Univ.


He applied for the first batch of 1000 Missionary Movement (1000 MM) and served in the Palawan and Mindanao areas of the Philippines.


He started his ministry in 1995 at the Middle West Korean Conference (MWKC) in Korea and served several churches. He also served as Middle West Korean Conference(MWKC) Youth Director, then Director of National Service Organization, and Director of Spirit of Prophecy over two sessions from 2007-2011. He continued to serve at the Korean Union Conference (KUC) as Youth Director and Director of National Service Organization for four years. During his tenure, he served as secretary of the Korean Hymnal Compilation Committee, contributing to the reorganization of new hymns in the Korean SDA church.


He is married Myung Hwa Cho and they have two sons, Yire and Yisaem.


He is a minister who loves the Word of God and is known for having a long study and deep insight into the Covenant. In particular, he influenced many Adventist youths in Korea through various ministries of the Word such as the Bible Reading Camps that he developed and operated. He currently runs the YouTube Covenant Keepers ministry channel, which specializes in the Covenant and Bible reading, and he has a mission and a burning passion to promptly spread the Gospel of the Covenant to not only the North Asia Pacific region, but also young people around the world through various media.

Cho, Dae Yeon

Pastor Cho, Dae Yeon, NSD Golden Angels Coordinator graduated from Shamyook University majoring in theology and got his M.Div. degree at Sahmyook University Graduate School.


He has been serving the church since 2008 in the WCKC (West Centeral Korean Conference) as a local church pastor. He has served for 5 years as a associate pastor, for 3 years at the Youth Church of Sahmyook University and had opportunity to lecture class of culture.


When he was a member of the Golden Angels, he was a team leader of the 2nd group of the Golden Angels, and assisted as a coordinator for 6 months in 2010 and now he is called to serve as the Associate Coordinator of Music Ministries for Golden Angels starting from 2016. He has two daughters with his loving wife, Si-on majored in vocal and piano.

Ministry Description

The Golden Angels is the mission-driven singing group of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division for its mission activities. Since 2004, every single year, 8 young people who are musically talented have volunteered to serve the Lord for a year. Golden Angels assists PMM evangelistic meetings about 20 weeks yearly within NSD territory which includes Mongolia, China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. Golden Angels also visits and delivers the gospel of Jesus though world top quality music to students in schools, patients in hospitals, seniors in nursing homes, children in orphanages, prisoners in jails, and even soldiers in the army. Golden Angels inspires church members through church visitation, encourages students in our church schools, and ignites the mission spirit to the hearts of young people through camp meetings and other youth activities.

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