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Yutaka Inada

Pastor Yutaka Inada started his Pastoral ministry at Hiroshima Church in 1985 and continued to serve for several churches in West Japan Conference. He finished his MPS course (currently called Master of Pastoral theology). After serving as a Conference Youth Director from 1992 to 1996, he studied at Andrews University for his MA degree majoring in church history from 1996 to 1998.


He was the chaplain of Kobe Adventist hospital from 2002 to 2007. From 2007 to 2009, He served as Associate Secretary of Japan Union Conference; from 2009 to 2015, Executive Secretary of Union. During GC session in San Antonio, he was elected as the Executive Secretary of the Northern Asian Pacific Division.


Pr. Inada’s father was a missionary to Taiwan for 12 years with his family. Pr. Inada spent his childhood as a missionary kid at Taiwan. He thinks that it seem to be the plan of the Lord and the family heritage as well to serve the God’s people in the North Asia region, He truly appreciate the given chance to serve in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division.


His wife Naomi is a nurse. The couple have three children: Aika, a 23 years old girl who is studying her last year of Japanese Adventist Collage in nursing major, Manami, a 19 years old girl who is preparing studying abroad, Ayumu, a 11 years old boy who is 6 grade of Yokohama Adventist elementary School.

Health Ministries


Adventist Health Ministries mission is to encourage and enable Adventist church leaders and members not only to experience a healthful abundant life but also to share the divine principles for whole person health with individuals in their communities and the world in need. Our goal is that each church in Northern Asia-Pacific Division may become a center for health and healing in which people may come to learn evidence-based health information, and find restoration for damaged bodies, minds, or souls.

Adventist Health Ministries seek to fulfill its role by providing resource support, leadership training, organizational development, representation, mentoring, event planning and professional support to Adventist churches and members. In addition, we seek to work in an integrative way with other Adventist Ministries and Adventist Health Institutions, as well to collaborate and partner with faith-based organizations and other institutions in our efforts.

It is God’s desire that each of us has an abundant life (John 10:10), and that means abundance of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. These areas of our lives are all interconnected and cannot be neglected if we want to experience whole person health. Our God has lovingly given us divine principles to follow in order to achieve optimal health, and we are called to receive many of those benefits of living with these principles. We believe our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and we must care for it intelligently so we can fully experience God’s presence and discern His will in our lives.

By adopting the most healthful lifestyle with adequate exercise, rest, and healthy diet, by abstaining from things that harm our mind and body, by nurturing healthy interpersonal relationships, by maintaining positive outlook and hopeful attitude, and by seeking to know God deeply and trusting in His guidance of our lives, we can begin to experience an abundant life today while also making a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

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