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Taiwan Conference Dealing With COVID-19
June 11, 2020

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Taiwan has put a lot of effort into containing the virus and has been able to control the spread in Taiwan so far with testing and quarantining. In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Taiwan Conference (TWC) has taken decisions.

First, TWC set up a crisis management committee, which holds meetings when needed. Also, all Adventist pastors in Taiwan are invited to the ZOOM online meeting which deals with matters related to COVID-19. The online meeting will continue to be held until the situation normalizes.

TWC has assisted local churches in purchasing alcohol disinfectants. Also, 120 thermometers were distributed to each church. For every meeting in local churches, all the attendees are required to measure their body temperature to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Due to the epidemic situation, TWC’s mission plans with local churches were cancelled. However, the Health Ministries department encouraged local churches to conduct the vegetarian health week and made great efforts to promote the participation of pastors, elders, church leaders and members.

At present, TWC is following through with the "100 days of prayer" campaign, uniting in prayer with the Adventist world church. Pray for unity and for the faith of church members as they wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Even though the world is in the middle of a crisis, TWC encourages our church members to see hope in God and suggests the following attitudes toward the pandemic:

1. In the time of COVID-19, we can find an opportunity to preach the gospel of God that will bring people peace.

2. It is an opportunity for us to develop small group ministry by praying and caring for one another. 

3. Remember that now the fastest way to spread the Gospel is through online media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and instant messaging apps. 

4. It is a proper time to promote the Adventist health message that teaches people how to keep their bodies safe and healthy.

5. Let us try to lead more people to the Lord by living up to His teachings in the Holy Bible.

I pray that the promises of God will continue to be with us so that we may be strong in our faith and work hard to preach for the coming of the Lord. Amen!