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Golden Angels Launch a Series of “Room Concerts”
July 10, 2020

 In February 2020, we, the singing missionaries of the Golden Angels 17th group, had completed a two-month spiritual, physical, and musical intensive training and were ready to follow a scheduled packed with mission work. Then came COVID-19. Because of the coronavirus, we had to stop the mission trips we had planned. We canceled plans to travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan as we waited for the spread to slow down. At the end of March, we realized that the situation would seriously affect the plans for our entire year, so we had to begin something different. 

Our biggest dilemma occurred when countries closed borders and imposed lockdowns, which means that we could not travel inside and out to any country. When it seemed like everything was ruined, God led us to another path.

We turned our focus completely to media ministry. The problem was none of us were very good at media work. We started to read books to learn. We studied video editing, and we watched a lot of YouTube videos to look for the right style and concept we needed to apply. We also borrowed some filming equipment from the Media Center of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD).

The process of planning and shooting was the most challenging part. We tried to deliver youthful, energetic, dynamic, fun and, of course, presentable shows. It took us a lot of time to plan and shoot the videos. 

During weekdays, after our morning routine including Bible meditation and discipleship training, we discussed the theme of the video clips, such as the introduction of the Golden Angels 17, daily lives of Golden Angels, interview with Golden Angels alumni, history of the Golden Angels, and so on. Then we studied how to shoot the video. Also, we needed to choose songs. The process of filming one video clip usually took three days for us. 

After the shooting, we had to work on post-production. The footage was handed over to other members, JiYoon for editing and JoonSoo for sound editing. Other members worked on translation and subtitles in English, Chinese, and Japanese so that people in many other countries would be able to enjoy the video. Finally, the video was uploaded to the Golden Angels YouTube channel at 14:00 Korea Standard Time on Sabbath, with the title of “Golden Angels Room Concert.”

Over the next month, from April to May, we saw the number of subscribers rising and received very positive responses. Even now we continue to witness more and more people watching our videos. Furthermore, we were able to share videos with the churches that we had planned to visit, receiving good feedback. 

After we launched the Golden Angels Room Concert series, we had an opportunity to have an interview with the Public Campus Ministries department of the General Conference and also with Adventist Broadcast Network. Moreover, we were asked to hold a live-streaming concert for churches in Turkey and Australia. The NSD Media Center helped us to make these possible. 

While we were trying to find a new way of doing music ministry, we were able to see God’s leading hand. Media was not our strength, but under God’s leadership, we were able to complete what we planned, and the outcome was even more than what we expected. It is obvious that the gospel can spread fast into many people’s hearts through online media. Spreading the gospel is our duty, and we continue to work for our duty in any possible way. “Behold, I will do a new thing. Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (Isaiah 43:19, NKJV). 

We don’t know where to go, but God prepares a way for us. We don’t see and meet the people who watch our videos, but we believe that God prepares precious souls. It is God’s grace that our media ministry allows us to reach many souls whom we could not reach in our traditional way of ministry.  

Article by Weijie (Frank) Kao