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Important Book on Strategic Prayer to Be Published
July 30, 2020

 Dr. Ron Clouzet, Ministerial secretary of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), signed a contract with Pacific Press to publish a long-expected book on prayer. The working title of the book is In the Name of Jesus: Power to Pray for People and Places. The first part of the book deals with a number of biblical references on prayer, giving insight and great understanding on prayer promises. The second part of the book gives specific guidelines for churches to become mighty houses of prayer.

The first chapter of the book presents the need for a strategic revolution in Adventist missions. Taking an analogy from baseball, it makes the point that solid prayer strategies are the first base of the “mission diamond.” Chapters three to five review all the key statements by Jesus promising answers to prayer “in the name of Jesus.” Chapters six and seven carefully review other powerful prayer promises and why we can count on them. Chapter eight deals with the most important topic of prayer and the great controversy. It clarifies what Satan can do to block answers to prayer and how God is able to still prevail. The ninth chapter reviews the Bible certainty that the devil’s strongholds in every city and community can and will fall when faced with the faithful prayer of believers.

The rest of the chapters are very practical in nature. Chapters 10 to 12 explain how to carry on a successful prayer-walking ministry in the community. Chapter 13 instructs on the difference between prayer intercessors and prayer warriors. The next chapter deals with prayer and fasting in the church. Chapter 15 outlines other prayer strategies. Chapter 16 is a powerful chapter on prayer in the context of evangelism. And the last chapter describes how churches and institutions can become “houses of prayer.” Every chapter has one or more powerful, moving stories and experiences, alone worth the reading of the book.

The idea for the book came to Dr. Clouzet three years ago while training Japanese churches to do evangelism as part of a field school of evangelism. His plan was to write a book that focused on prayer- walking; however, the book could not be finished. Three years later, due to COVID-19, the opportunity came again to research and write, but this time, the objective was much bigger: a prayer book to reach the entire world, particularly the large cities of northern Asia.

The Japan Union Conference has voted to translate and publish a Japanese version of the book, and some leaders in Korea have also shown interest in a Korean version.

The book manuscript has been endorsed by many church leaders, including two General Conference vice-presidents, presidents of It Is Written and Hope Television, a number of well-known authors, prayer coordinators, some pastors, scholars, and other church leaders. 

This is the endorsement of Dr. Jairyong Lee, former president of the NSD, after he read the manuscript: This book takes an in-depth look at fervent prayer, both private and corporate, and the most effective strategies for spiritual revival and evangelism, too often overlooked and neglected. The author clearly and convincingly presents God’s Bible prayer promises, along with practical illustrations and insightful suggestions, such as prayer-walking and intercessory prayer, for people who are living in large, secular cities. I wholeheartedly recommend this book be seriously read and its methods implemented in our personal lives, our churches, and our church institutions.

The English version of the book is scheduled to be out by the time of Annual Council. Other versions may be ready a bit later. We pray that this book may become a powerful tool in the hands of the Holy Spirit to bring revival, reformation, and effective mission outreach in every city where people need to know Jesus.

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