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PMM Missionary in Uganda invites His Hands missionaries from the US
January 25, 2012

PMM (Pioneer Mission Movement) Missionary Youngsik Ham invited His Hands missionaries from Washington-Spencerville Korean Adventist church, USA, for a very special Christmas mission event. Many people in Uganda go back to their hometown for Christmas family reunion, but those who have no families become lonely because they have nowhere to go. These just have to hang around in the streets. Also, market prices tend to rise during the holiday season including transportation fares.

Three His Hands missionaries from thus US joined forces with PMM missionary Ham’s family to invite these homeless people and children for a Christmas event. His Hands missionaries were tired from their long flight, but did their best to decorate the church. They also went to the market to buy food to prepare for the event lunch. They prepared food for 50 people but 140 people turned up for the event.

They sang gospel songs together and the missionaries preached the gospel message to the people and the children in attendance.

After the meeting, it was time for lunch. While missionaries worried about the shortage of food, God miraculously multiplied the scanty lunch that everybody had enough and there was no shortage. It was God’s abundant grace bestowed upon His people. The three His Hands missionaries from the US and PMM Missionary Ham’s family enjoyed their Christmas season with the precious children of God in Uganda, Africa.