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2012 Golden Angels Mission Concert
January 25, 2012

  The Golden Angels batch 8 of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) had their music concert which was entitled “Harmony of Testimony” at the Bonbu church on January, 7th. This concert was a joint concert with Golden Angels batches 1 ~ 9. They sang and praised God with more than 20 songs. People’s hearts were filled with joy and praise through the Golden Angels’ beautiful singing.

  The Concert began with the welcome remarks from NSD Youth director, Nakhyung Kim. After the Golden Angels sang a few songs, the Descendants Singers came up to the stage and sang two songs in beautiful traditional Mongolian costumes.

  Through a video presentation, the members of Golden Angels batch 8 gave a short testimony one by one. People’s hearts were touched by their inspiring stories. Batch 9 members also spoke about their resolutions for their future music ministries.

  After the testimonies were given, there was a plaque presentation, NSD President Dr. Jairyong Lee gave plaques to each Golden Angels missionary and expressed his gratitude. He stated, “Golden Angels have been serving God overcoming many difficulties through God’s help and with the prayers of the Adventist brethren. They have been doing many good ministries inside our NSD territories for a year. Now it’s time for them to finish their service. We can not express our deepest gratitude by this simple plaque but I hope that their whole life will be used by God for gospel ministries”

  Golden Angels batch 8 will return to their home countries. Golden Angels batch 9 consists of 5 Koreans, 1 Mongolian, 1 Filipina and 1 Chinese. They began their service with this concert and they will travel to many countries inside and outside of NSD (including presenting many evangelical meetings in Russia) to spread the gospel message through their musical talent.