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Pastor Chun Bu-kwon takes office as the 8th president of SDA Education
January 25, 2012

On December 29, 2011 at Seoul Language Institute Church, SDA Education held a worship service for the former president and the new president taking and leaving office with the following attendees: the KUC officials; SDA local directors; SDA staffs; Park Kyung-sil,  President of Korean Institutes Association; the invited members of the Seventh-day Adventist churches and institutions.

In his farewell address, Former President Lee Kwang-Jei said, “I thank you all local directors and staffs for your great and devoted service and support for the SDA Education projects. As the front mission institution, SDA Education should spread the gospel to the ends of the earth and do its best in making our neighbors happy through volunteer work. At the same time, I pray that SDA Education will prosper more with Pastor Chun Bu-kwon, the new president.”

In his inaugural speech, President Chun Bu-kwon said, “Our language institute business is being challenged by the drastic change in the market environment. This kind of crisis may be another chance for us to challenge the future. I am sure that God will be with us. More than anything else, SDA Education is a mission institution so it will strive more to concentrate on mission work. In the long run, it will result in the success of our language institute business.”

President of Korean Institutes Association, Park Kyung-sil, who is currently the CEO of Pagoda Language Institute, said that SDA Education and Pagoda share a lot of aspects, such as the year of foundation, the size, and religious factors among others, and promised that he would help SDA Education in many ways.

President Chun added that he would concentrate on the language institute business in order to enhance its competition against other institutes, manage human resources and assets effectively, and adopt responsibility management through local directors.