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2021 NSD Public Campus Ministries Missionaries Training
March 10, 2021

 The Public Campus Ministries (PCM) department of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division conducted intensive training for its 3rd batch missionaries from January 17 to February 7, 2021, at the NSD Leadership Training Center on Jeju Island. This training session was held with missionaries from other mission projects, such as the Golden Angels and the 1000 Missionary Movement, with a slight difference in the duration of the training sessions. Although each group has a different focus when it comes to mission work, the sole fundamental purpose of preaching the love of God enabled them to be united in God during the training session. 

Four Korean missionaries, Kim YeIn, Min SiYoung, and Park SeolAh, and I, participated in the on-site training on Jeju Island. Two local missionaries attended the training session through Zoom: Nai Zhen Pan, a Taiwanese missionary who is going to serve at Beitun Church, and Yu Jung Pan, a Taiwanese missionary at Banquiao Church. Stefany Cayhadi and Ruth Kwaikwai, who are foreign missionaries from the Philippines and Indonesia and who are now at New Life Church in Taiwan, also joined the training via Zoom. Nam DongHyun, a Korean missionary who has been working for Beitun Church in Taiwan since the beginning of the year 2020, also participated in the training. 

During the training, the missionaries woke up at 4:30 in the morning, meditated on the Book of Matthew, and had prayer time to meet God. Then, they went out to exercise out in beautiful nature in order to develop their physical strength. During the morning, they listened to testimonies and had classes on the Bible, self-management, missionary attitude, and other subjects, which were led by invited speakers. They spent afternoons with group activities, building their own mission plans. 

Church pastors with whom the second batch PCM missionaries worked together introduced mission projects they had carried out. Through this session, the new PCM missionaries were able to learn the vision and mission plans of the church they are going to work for. Also, all of the newly dispatched missionaries and church pastors discussed how they could combine their efforts to evangelize people in Taiwan. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing and the Taiwan government has controlled visitors, it is unclear when the three PCM missionaries in Korea will be able to leave for their mission fields. In such a circumstance, the message about faith that they were given at the training encouraged them. During this pandemic, they have been trained how to hold onto God with faith, how to follow His plan, and how to work for Him. With what they learned at the training session, the missionaries will try their best to deliver the love of God and His word and to bring people to Him for salvation. 

News Article by Choi JiSoo, NSD PCM 3rd Batch