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Golden Angels Lead Out Prayer Week at Sahmyook Health University
July 01, 2021

 University is an important mission field. Students are facing various choices, and they start to think of their future direction and plan their life. That’s why schools of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have a great responsibility to educate their students to walk in the right path, not only delivering academic knowledge to them but also leading them to know the source of wisdom, the omniscient God.  

From May 10 to 14, 2021, the 18th group of Golden Angles was invited to lead out in the Week of Prayer at Sahmyook Health University. Pastor Cho DaeYeon, associate coordinator of Golden Angels, was the speaker of the week, and the Golden Angels missionaries oversaw prayer and worship time and small group activities. 

Students who were interested in the Bible or considering baptism participated in the small group activities. The gathering took about 30 minutes every day before the main Week of Prayer program. Around four students gathered, led by one or two Golden Angels members. In the first two days, the small group members spent time focusing on getting to know each other. Then in the following days, there were discussions about lifestyle, worries, problems, and relationships. For us, it was precious time to build up friendships with students. We had wonderful chats, and some of our members have kept contact with participants even after the prayer week finished. 

The main program started with a warm-up game led by the Golden Angels members, with students actively participating. Followed by the performance of the Golden Angels, there was a chance to collaborate on stage with “Ariel,” one of the singing groups of the university. They are faithful Adventists and people were impressed by their passion for praising God. 

Pastor Cho delivered inspiring messages throughout the week. He encouraged the young generation to pay attention to S.Q., which means spiritual quotient, rather than only focusing on I.Q. (intellectual quotient) or E.Q. (emotional quotient). He also talked in a lively way about understanding the love of Jesus. His sermons served as a good introduction for students who do not know much about Jesus Christ. 

On the last day of the prayer week, there were 46 treasured souls who decided to be baptized. The number of candidates were so big that the university divided them into two places for baptism. They might be new to the biblical knowledge, but they understood that it was the day for them to start a new life in God and that they are no longer alone. The most important day in their life was witnessed by their teachers and friends. They still need continuous prayer to keep their faith and continue to seek God’s words. 

The 18th group of Golden Angels are having a busy schedule to share the love of God in many places. We hope that more and more people will know God through our music. Please keep our ministry in your prayers. 

Danielle Chack Wong, Golden Angels 18