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Five Local Conferences in KUC Held Constituency Meetings
January 25, 2012

     Five local conferences in Korea held constituency meetings at several locations. Local church leaders, and members sent by the churches as delegates to the constituency meetings of KUC gathered to witness the sessions.  They also participated in the elections of the new executive officers and departmental directors.  Those elected will hold these offices for four years.

Middlewest Korean Conference

     On January 3 and 4, the Middlewest Korean Conference convened their constituency meeting at MWKC 40th Anniversary Hall. After the Organizing Committee was appointed, the constituency elected a Nominating Committee and a Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

Pastor Yoon, Jong Hab was elected as the new MWKC President

     During the two day session, the administrative leaders of the MWKC presented their two-year reports. Also,  Pastor Yoon, Jong Hab was elected as the new Conference President, Pastor Heo, Chang Soo as Secretary and  Pastor Chung, Bo Yong as Treasurer by the delegates.

Elder P. D. Chun was invited as a guest speaker

     Former NSD President Elder P. D. Chun was invited as a guest speaker to deliver the message of 'Revival & Reformation' to the delegates.

Pastor Choi, Young Kyu was re-elected as the WCKC presdient 

West Central Korean Conference

     On January 5 and 6, the West Central Korean Conference held its constituency meeting at the Hankook Sahmyook Academy auditorium with the title ‘Holy Spirit in My Life! Gospel News to Our Neighbor!’ The delegates of WCKC constituency re-elected Pastor Choi, Young Kyu as the Conference President. Pastor Choi stated, “I want to totally trust in the power of God during my presidency”.

     Pastor Choi, Sung Ku was elected as Secretary, and Pastor Park, Jun Seok as Treasurer. During the closing worship, Pastor Kim, Dae Sung, the KUC President, stated, “What we have to do is to lean on God and the Holy Spirit.” 

Southeast Korean Conference

     On January 9 and 10, delegates from the local churches of the Southeast Korean Conference gathered for their constituency meeting at the Youngnam Sahmyook Academy auditorium. During the opening worship, the NSD President, Dr. Jairyong Lee, stated, “Evangelism is not easy these days and the Korean Adventist church needs to experience a spiritual revival and reformation. If we live our lives as true Adventists with the spirit of mission, we will surely accomplish a spiritual revival.”

     Pastor Bae, Hye Ju was elected as the new Conference President. He was elected as SSPM Director of KUC last December but he will be moving into the SEKC President’s office again. His father Pastor Bae, Jung Hak was also a former SEKC President. Pastor Nam, Si Chang was elected as Secretary, and Pastor Cho, Su Cheol as Treasurer. Delegates were blessed with a special music presentation by the Mongolian musical ministry team, ‘The Descendants’, who sang several special songs.

 NSD President Dr. Jairyong Lee giving speech at the SWKC session

Southwest Korean Conference

     On January 11 and 12, the Southwest Korean Conference convened their constituency meeting at the newly built SWKC Conference building. During the session, the Constitution and Bylaws Committee proposed an item that the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by lot but it was voted down. NSD President Lee, Jairyong stated that it is not proper to draw lots to appoint the Nominating Committee.

Pastor Kim, Jae Ho(left) was elected as the new SWKC President

     Pastor Kim, Jae Ho was elected as the new SWKC President. He said “I hope that we can create an atmosphere in which our church members will respect their pastors and our pastors will work with strong courage.”

36th ECKC Constituency Meeting Delegates

East Central Korean Conference

     On January 16 and 17, the East Central Korean Conference held their constituency meeting with the title ‘Only Christ’ at the Sahmyook Central church. Pastor Lee, Kyung Woo was elected as the new Conference President. Pastor Lee stressed, “We should do our best to change ourselves for revival and reformation, and we should not lose our identity.” Pastor Lee, Sang Ui was elected as Secretary, and Pastor Moon, Chi Bum as Treasurer. All of the departmental directors were re-elected to serve for four more years.


Pastor Lee, Kyung Woo(left) was elected as the new ECKC President

With the end of the ECKC Constituency Meeting, all the constituency meetings in KUC were finished. Five local conferences in KUC will continue their ministries and mission work for four years with the newly elected administrations. It’s time for all of us to pray for the new leaders that they will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to successfully accomplish the missions that God has given them.