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BFFL Course Design Academy
October 12, 2021

 The Teaching and Learning Development Center under the Institute for Innovative Education in Sahmyook University held the Biblical Foundation of Faith and Learning (BFFL) Course Design Academy for full-time professors on August 17, 18, and 20, through the online platform, Zoom.

The program aims for the integration of biblical faith and academics in liberal arts and departmental subjects based on a Christian worldview. It is an educational model in which professors reinterpret their academic fields, redesigning their classes to effectively convey and teach students from the perspective of the gospel. 

With its original development of the BFFL model, Sahmyook University has organized a project to promote the model by holding academy courses for professors—12 professors from 11 departments participated in the latest courses. Those departments included: Aviation Tourism and Foreign Languages, Food and Nutrition, Health and Human Performance, Counseling Psychology, Leisure and Sports Studies, Pharmacy, Nursing, Chemistry Life Science, Environmental Design, Horticulture, Architecture, and the Smith College of Liberal Arts.

The 16-hour course consisted of seven steps for designing BFFL curriculum: establishing a biblical concept; describing learning outcomes; choosing a teaching-learning method; feedback planning; step evaluation planning; checking the connection between subject elements; and writing a BFFL lecture plan.