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Training Session in Mongolia
February 08, 2012

For ten days, in the midst of the cold Mongolian winter, the pastors came to Ulaanbaatar for training.  January 16 to 26, 2012, the pastors and some church leaders met at the Mongolian Mission Field office for instruction.  It was cold outside, minus 43 Celsius, on the morning walk to the Mission office, but the discussions and friendship were warm.David and Lynn Ripley shared from their long experience in pastoral ministry. 

Pastor Lynn shared the principles and blessings of Discipleship.  When a church understands that we are called to be disciples and not just members, it makes a big difference in how we relate to God, how we relate to our church family, and how we relate to our community.  Lynn shared seven markers, or characteristics of a disciple giving practical ways to exercise being a disciple. 

Pastor David shared on the power of Mission and Vision and Leadership.  Too often churches are very busy doing good things, but the plans and programs are not focused together to grow the Kingdom of God.  Mission and Vision are to be something we discover with God and then follow into the future. Mission and Vision leads the church not in earthly power, but in the power of God. 

Pastoral leadership is guiding the church to discover what God wants them to become, the church’s Mission and Vision, and leading the way to its fulfillment.  A pastor is the one who helps others to develop as leaders and sees that they have what they need in training, mentoring, and resources to be successful disciples of Jesus.

The pastoral team in Mongolia is a great team that God has brought together and we are confident the Adventist church there will grow under their leadership.  Please pray for them as they lead out.