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HisHands Training in Kobe, Japan
February 09, 2012

The Kobe SDA Church, which is the oldest church in Japan with 108 years of history, held a HisHands Training Session Revival on January 28 and 29, 2012. Pastor SukHee Han, Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) HisHands Coordinator, and Pastor Hiroshi Yamaji, Japan Union Conference (JUC) HisHands Coordinator, were invited to be the main speakers. About 49 church members who dedicated themselves as HisHands missionaries attended the session. They participated in many different programs including lectures on basic principles and activities of the HisHands Mission Movement (HHMM) inspiring mission spirit, house-to-house visitation, utilization of distributed materials, small group discussion, prayer meeting, and mission practice.

Pastor Han said, “The HisHands Mission Movement helps church members work based on systematic management. It is important to train attendees to practice what they learn in the mission field. Church administration including the Division, the Union, and the Conference will support it.”

Pastor Yamaji encouraged them saying, “The HisHands Mission Movement is motivating and vitalizing the Adventist Church in Japan. The Japan Union Conference will also help hard-working churches do their best.”

Pastor Keith Watanabe, Kobe Church pastor, said, “All church members have great confidence and expectations that the Kobe church was chosen as a HisHands model church. I can surely understand the HHMM and have a passion for mission through this session.”

The Kobe Church Board appointed Mrs. Kuniko Tanaka as a Church HisHands Coordinator, organized groups, and assigned fields and prepared distributed materials. Their systematic preparation for HisHands will bring tremendous blessings to the church.