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February 27, 2012

1. 37th Group Missionary Graduation

There was a graduation ceremony at the 1000MM campus on January 28, 2012, for the 37th group of missionaries who completed one year of their life which they had dedicated toservice in the mission field. 95 missionaries including 60 missionaries from the Philippines, 25 from Korea, five from China, and one eachfrom Canada, Mongolia, Kenya, Taiwan, and Cambodia attended the ceremony and met their fellow missionaries.

Through their one-year service, 2,463 people were baptized; 977 church members returned to the church; seven companies were organized; and five churches were constructed. Giving all honor and glory to God, the missionaries expressed their resolution that they will be life-long missionaries because “Once a missionary, always a missionary.” Although the missionaries went back to their homelands, we expect their own Book of Acts as a faithful servant of the Lord.

2. Missionary Training for the 39th Group

Missionary training for the 39th group of missionaries was held at Mindoro Island from January 22 to 25, 2012. The 39th group consists of 85 missionaries: 38 missionaries from Korea, 11 from China, four from Mongolia, 30 from the Philippines, and one each from Taiwan and Canada. The English training was already begun on December 26, 2011, and the intensive training including physical exercise, seaside exercise, mountain field exercise, and spiritual training was held in Mindoro. Although the course was very difficult, they became one unitand depended on God through His word and prayer. As they finished their English training on January 26, they started a six-week course full of missionary training beginning January 30, 2012. It containedmany different lectures on Adventist fundamental beliefs, sermon preaching, health, massage, remedies, and survival. Through the training, they prepared themselves as a missionary, with praises, words, and prayer leading them to the Holy Spirit.

One woman is especially prepared. Mrs. SoonHee Oh, a 44-year-old housewife who joined the 39th group of missionaries with her 11-year-old daughter has found her passion for mission challenges is young people.

The 39th group of missionaries will be sent to their mission field all around the world and work for the Lord for 10 months. May God bless them to accomplish the Great Commission given to them in their mission work.