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SYU Presidential Inauguration
March 19, 2012

There was a Presidential Inauguration ceremony with 2,000 guests in attendance including staff, students, Steering Committee members, and other guests at the Sahmyook University (SYU) auditorium on March 5, 2012. Dr. SangLae Kim, newly appointed SYU President suggested “Vision-Dream” as the core values of the school administration during his term. He emphasized that “these values are a summary of the educational philosophy of SYU. At the same time, they are a solution to urgent problems of our times and our society.” He added, “I will spend all my energy and passion to accomplish the values of “Vision-Dream”and I will promote a totally new and concrete project for nurturing young talents who possess character and intelligence.”

Remembering his years in the ministry, Dr. KiKon Kim, former President of SYU, said,“The last three years of my 36-years of ministry were only for the University. I really appreciate God and the University for giving me the opportunity to serve the school.” He also stated that “although I am retiring now, I will continue to pray for the school. I am so happy that we have a young and capable president and I believe that the school will develop more and more. Please make it your priority to pray for the school.”

Dr. Jairyong Lee, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) President, shared his expectations for the new president for the amazing growth of SYU through his ability, character, and faith. He believes the school can produce many people of distinguished talent based on the Adventist faith.

Attendees prayed together with one accord to establish the foundation of the continuous development of SYU with this opportunity.