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CLAP Members Reach Out to a Buddhist School in Thailand
March 19, 2012

The Sabbath of March 10 proved to be a most busy time for the members participating in CLAP (Communication & Leadership Advancement Program) 2C (Run #2, third session out of four) at the Asia Pacific International University (AIU) in Thailand. Right after the Sabbath school and church service where many members took part, we made our way to the Wad Lai Thawi Panya  Buddhist  School in Ayutthaya province about one and a half hours away.

The Northern Asia-Pacific Division had made a donation of USD 8,000 to assist in the work of renewing this elementary school that had been submerged in water during the floods at the end of last year. In some parts, the floodwaters reached the ceilings of the lower floor. This donation made it possible for them to replace the ceilings, their front steps, the iron grills of the windows and give all the buildings a new coat of paint. In addition, we were able to equip their nursing room with much needed items such as mattresses & beds, a refrigerator, fans and a medicine cabinet.

More than 100 students showed up for the occasion, welcoming us with a classic and a modern Thai dance. The CLAP members led the children in singing Christian songs, taught them about important values through a pantomime, and distributed some snacks for the kids. This is our way of helping a community get back to normal after the destructive floods that affected much of Thailand.  The following day, a group of students and faculty including several administrators from AIU completed the painting of some of the classrooms.

The head of the temple who owns the school, a Buddhist monk, together with the principal and vice-principal, expressed his thanks to NSD for the generous gift. We pray that this small effort will result in impressing them with the love of our Savior whom we represented that day.


By Sally Lam-Phoon