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KUC Promotes 3 Stages of the Great Controversy Project
March 19, 2012

The Korean Union Conference (KUC) voted to participate in the Great Controversy project which was initiated by the General Conference last year. The KUC finally presented the three stages: reading, donation, and distribution. The details are as follows.

Reading (January – June)

The first step Adventist members should do for the project is to participate in reading the Great Controversy. Each member can listen to God’s voice speaking to his or her mind and experience His power by reading this book. The Department of Personal Ministries and Spirit of Prophecy of the KUC published and distributed the weekly quiz book for the project.

Donation (July)

When each member’s heart becomes heated by the words, the donation project will begin. The Great Controversy book for distribution will consist of 80 pages and cost 1 USD, so that anybody can easily donate and distribute the book without being heavily burdened.

Distribution (August – December)

This stage is to distribute donated books in various ways. Church members can send the book to their relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances, who do not know Christ. This can be done through mail delivery, house-to-house visitation, street evangelism, and other methods.

Visiting Korea for the Northern Asia-Pacific Divisions’ (NSD) Annual Council in October last year, Dr. Ted Wilson emphasized the importance of this Great Controversy project by quoting words from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Introducing this project, he mentioned that “the convincing victory of God and His infinite love is welldescribed in the book of the Great Controversy. So those who receive and read this book will experience a marvelous change in their lives.”

Pastor SoonKi Kang, KUC Sabbath School-Personal Ministries Director, appealed to Korean Adventists. “Let’s participate in this global Adventist movement together so that we can prepare for the day of Jesus’ coming.”