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NSD Ministerial & Shepherdess Advisory Meets at NSD Office
April 20, 2012

  They came from across the Division Territory.  From Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mongolia.  The Ministerial and Shepherdess Directors, 35 in total, came to the Ministerial & Shepherdess Advisory.  Once every five years this group meets to pray, fellowship, learn, and discuss how to support pastors and their families better. The most important and frontline workers in the Seventh-day Adventist church are our local pastors.  When our pastors are doing well the church will do well.  It is vital that we train and support these ministers. 

NSD President Dr. Jairyong Lee giving welcome remarks


GC Ministerial Secretary Elder Jerry Page speaking during the Advisory meeting

Delegates from each Union participating the Advisory session


2012 NSD Ministerial Association & Shepherdess Advisory Group Picture

  This Advisory had some very special guests.  Elder Jerry and Janet Page, the Ministerial Department Director and Shepherdess International Coordinator of the General Conference (GC), shared on several relevant topics  on support for pastors and their families. They lead out in prayer sessions that blessed each participants and brought us closer to God.  Elder Robert Costa, the Ministerial Evangelism Director for the GC, shared the concept of Sabbath morning evangelism and power to grow the church through small groups.  Elder Derek Morris, GC Ministry magazine editor, lead out in the NSD week of prayer and shared how to stay close to Jesus and join Him in ministry. 

  Closer to home, from the NSD office, Pastor David Ripley, NSD Ministerial Secretary, shared on the value of Mission and Vision to grow the church. Pastor Lynn Ripley, NSD Assistant Ministerial Secretary and Shepherdess International Coordinator, shared the power of discipleship as a basis active witness by members of the church family.

  One item that surfaced as very important was continuing education for pastors.  A recommendation was voted as follows:

"Continuing Education Units: The most important single class of worker for the church is the local pastor.  Through their ministry the church family is organized, spiritually matured, and equipped for discipleship and evangelism.  The church relies on their working with God to complete its mission. Because of the importance of the pastors’ ministry, continuing education is of great value.  The Ministerial Advisory recommends that each Union, Mission, and Conference develop a Continuing Education program. It is recommended by this Ministerial & Shepherdess Advisory that each Union, Mission, and Conference set a minimum of 2 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) per year for each pastor.  Each CEU will represent 10 contact hours."

  Now as the Ministerial and Shepherdess Directors return to their fields and support pastors and their families, we will continue to pray for the success of the local pastor.  We know God will bless.