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Nantou Church, Taiwan Blessed by Golden Angels’ Ministry
April 20, 2012

Golden Angels 9 come from four different countries: Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and the Philippines. After two months of intensive musical andspiritual training under Pastor David Park,Golden Angels 9 is now ready to face the real challenge in serving God and His people through music in the mission field.Their training included a daily prayer meeting at 6:30 every morning and religious individual and group vocal training,

On March 11, 2012, Golden Angels 9 left for Hong Kong for their first ministry. They assistedat the Gospel Week at the Hong Kong Adventist Collegeand had concerts in many places. By God’s grace, two souls were moved by the Holy Spirit and have accepted Christ as their personal Savior. On the Sabbath day after the Gospel Week, they were baptized.

On March 18, Golden Angels 9 left HongKong and continued their ministry in Taiwan. The first stop was at Nantou Church, which was around three hours away from the airport. The group’s food and accommodations were hosted by Pastor Jang and his family. On their first night, despite the long and tiring journey, Golden Angels 9 distributed church handbills in the streets nearby the church to invite people to the Evangelistic Meeting. Pastor Kim NakHyungwould be the guest speaker. On their second night, the group had their first street concert. It was not easy to communicate with people in Taiwan through songs, as most of them can hardly understand English, but it was amazing to see many people stop and listen to the songs. In the entire week, Golden Angels were busy doing house visitations and school concerts as well. After the weeklong Evangelistic Meeting with Pastor Kim,three precious souls were brought to Jesus’ feet.

They praised the Lord who sent many souls and happily served God and His people in Taiwan. May God continuously give them physical and spiritual blessings for their ministry.