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HisHands Dedication in Geumsan District, Korea
April 20, 2012

  The Geumsan District of the Middle West Korean Conference (MWKC) invited Pastor SukHee Han, Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) HisHands Coordinator, and Pastor MyungHwan Cho, MWKC HisHands Coordinator for HisHands training, and missionary dedication on March 24, 2012. Six churches in Geumsan District decided to place their priorities on seeking those interested in learning more about Christ through constant house-to-house visitation this year. In the dedication service held at Chubu Church, 49 missionaries pledged an oath to serve the Lord.

  Pastor JangGyu Choi, District Director, said, “The best part of the HisHands Mission Movement is that it is not finished with a workshop, seminar, or training but it continues to help church members actually practice the mission work in their life. Let us stoke the flames of mission spirit through HisHands and comb this area to seek those interested in learning more about Christ.”

  Pastor SukHee Han emphasized that “as slump-ridden athletes get back to basics, our church which is in a missionary slump needs to go back to the basics that the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy suggest. That is to seek souls continuously in pairs.”

Pastor MyungHwan Cho, mentioned, “I am convinced that God will be with the members in the Geumsan District. The Conference will help and support those churches joining HisHands in close cooperation with the Division and the Union.”

Three children of Pastor SeongKwon Hong, Chubu Church, were also dedicated. Although they are young, they started their missionary life by delivering leaflets and booklets to their neighbors.