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Evangelistic Meeting in Douliou Church, Taiwan
April 20, 2012

Douliou Church, Taiwan(Chung, Dae Bok - PMM batch 3) held a series of evangelistic meetings from March 26 to 31, 2012. Pastor SeongJun Byun, Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) Assistant Communication Director and Pastor JaeYoung Seo were invited to be the main and assistant speakers. Golden Angels 9 and five volunteers from Korea also supported the meeting.

Morning programs were a healthy food cooking class, a Golden Angel’s concert, and an evangelistic seminar. Those who attended both the cooking class and seminar were privileged to attend a foot massage seminar so that those interested could have an opportunity to experience physical treatment as well as spiritual healing.

In the evening, a bible study that helped people deeply understand the bible was given to adults by Pastor Byun, while Pastor Seo preached the gospel message to young people.

Golden Angels 9 also visited Victoria Academy and held a mini concert on March 28, 2012. All staff and students including the principal of the school gave them a big hand as a token of appreciation for their beautiful songs.

The meeting was a great opportunity to reach numerous local residences in the Douliou area and to become closer to them.