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Evangelism in Banchiao, Taiwan Yields Three New Members
April 20, 2012

The week of April 8-14 an evangelistic series was held at the Banchiao Happiness Church near Taipei.  The church lived up to its name and there were smiles all around on each face.  PMM Pastor Lee Jae Hyung had prepared very well for the meetings.  Volunteer pastoral assistant, Shin Suh Young, watched over details and filled the church with prayer.

The Secretary and the Assistant Secretary for the Ministerial Department of the NSD, Pastor David Ripley and Pastor Lynn Ripley preached the Adventist message.  There were two sessions each day.  Pastor Lynn preached each morning, and Pastor David preached each evening.  The morning session was a Korean language class that also heard truths from the Bible.  There were about 25-30 in attendance each day.  The evening session was attended by people invited to the church for the series and grew each evening until almost 60 were in attendance.  In the small church all the seats were filled!

The Golden Angels sang at each meeting, morning and evening, and spent many hours visiting with the people in attendance.  This was very valuable since most of those at both meeting times were young college students and professionals.

Deaconess Lee came from Korea to share Korean cooking demonstrations at each meeting.  She also blessed us by preparing the meals for the evangelistic team. 

In Taipei the young people of the city are very interested in Korean language and culture.  They came eager to learn about Korea and to speak the language.  The young people came to learn Korean cooking and enjoy the meal.  They even had a great time dressing up in traditional Korean clothing.

At the end of the series we had a baptism with three new members for the Banchiao Happiness Church.  We are grateful for the wonderful new souls that God has given to our church family.  Many more said they wanted to study the Bible.  We know that God will bless with more growth for this church in the future.