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Korean Union Conference Holds Leadership Workshop
April 30, 2012

  The Korean Union Conference (KUC) held a Leadership Workshop for Korean Adventist leaders in Daejeon from April 4 to 5, 2012. This was the first workshop that approximately 90 institutional presidents and hands-on workers in many different fields(such as administration, education, medical service, and food) met together.They needed to find efficient operation strategies and effective promotion.A Leadership Development program was given on the first day, while introductions to the Adventist Church structure and Spirituality Development were topics for the next day.

  Pastor DaeSung Kim, KUC President, suggested the top five most urgent tasks of the Korean Adventist Church are “Spiritual Revival”, “Revolutionary Development of Children’s and Youth Ministries”, “Leadership Training”, “Relief Service and Evangelist Training”, and “Reformation of Sabbath-keeping and Diet.”

  Participants eagerly prayed for heavenly spirituality, power, and wisdom so that they can operate each institution and organization in the proper way. They also pledged to obey God’s word and His principles, and to possess courage, and determination for the performance of their duties.