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2013 NSD International Mission Congress Planning Meeting
May 11, 2012

On May 9 and 10, 2012, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) International Mission Congress (IMC) Planning Committee meeting was held at the Lake Hills Hotel, Jeju, Korea. Nineteen committee members from the NSD and the Korean Union Conference (KUC) met together to plan and to discuss the 2013 NSD IMC.

After their arrival to Jeju, the participants first visited the Jeju International Convention Center (ICC) to check the facilities and halls for the event. Since ICC Jeju has held many international conventions, the committee members would see if the venue would work for the convention. In the evening they had an opening worship and then separated into groups to plan the details of the event.

During the opening worship Dr. Kim, Si Young, the chief coordinator for the event, said, “I am so thankful to God for granting us this special opportunity to maximize our mission work through this great event. I hope that we can behold God’s miraculous power through this mission congress.”

After the worship service, each participant separated into a planning group and had discussions on how to make wonderful plans for the 2013 IMC.

The next morning, each group leader had an opportunity to have a presentation on their finalized plans. Five group leaders came out to introduce their plans and the results of the discussions.

At the closing worship Pastor Han, Suk Hee said, "It is very important to remember that our identity lies on mission and evangelism. So it's such a blessing that we will have the 2013 NSD Mission Congress in Jeju, Korea."

On May 7, NSD DECOM voted for the adoption of the logo for the 2013 NSD International Mission Congress which appears below.

The meanings are:

1.The cross is taken from the Chinese character “Mission”.

2.The strong blue wave of Jeju.

3.This symbolizes the strong mission initiative of NSD.

4.Modern artistic beauty through Calligraphy.

5.The calligraphy work is by Prof. Lee, Seung Woo of Seoul National University. The logo is by Prof. Kim, Seong Un of Sahmyook University.