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Workers Retreat 2012 of Hong Kong-Macau Conference
May 25, 2012

The HKMC workers Retreat was held on 27th to 29th March 2012.  In the morning of 27th, the workers together with their spouses of about 60 people, gathered at the exit of the Lo Wu , starting to go to Zhangmutou, Zhenzhen. Making use of this rare opportunity to make a joyous time to the colleagues, two young workers led a "warm-up games, prizes IQ and Bible quiz in the journey of the bus, laughter filled in the entire bus drive. After half hour, arrived to the destination, the Zhangmutou City Garden Hotel.

Pr. Chiloe Fan officiated the opening ceremony of the retreat.  He stated that : "The church is facing a lot of challenges today; we do not rely on our ability and experience, but through seeking the guidance of God, recharging the strength of the workers. That is the reason of having worker retreat programme annually. Through the grace of God, we can beat all the challenges."

Pr. Heywood Fan gave a talk on “Revival and His Word”.  Followed by sharing on campus ministry presented by the three chaplains of the various Sam Yuk Secondary Schools, sharing of utilizing different methods of campus evangelism and its challenge.  Pr. Teru Fukui, director of Personal Ministries of NSD sharing his personal experience on the grace of God. Groupings on workers on discussion hour were on their job functions, namely, male singles, male married, female single, women married, and the English speaking group.  Spouses of the pastors were invited to attend, and so there were also husbands group and wives group. Through various discussions, everyone knew better of the function of their position. Reporting of each group were made after discussion.  Each group gave their report with enthusiasm. It is an unforgettable experience!

The series of programs energized the ministerial workers; In addition, there was also a special "prayer meeting". In this gathering, we sat around tables arranged in shape of a cross lighted with candle light.  During the quiet moment, homing the hymns. A colleague narrated the trial of Jesus. When we read of the scripture mentioning that Jesus was hungry, the colleagues picked up cookies on the table to eat; it is the same for drinking the juice when mentioning of Jesus was thirsting.  And then, Jesus were led by the soldiers wearing a crown of thorns, everyone picked up a crown made of straws imitated the crown of thorns, and wear it on the person next to them. The straws are cut into a pointed shape, and so it is uncomfortable to wear on the heads.  On the end of the meeting, the workers drank bitter gourd juice, experiencing the bitter suffering of Jesus Christ. Although this is only a modeling on the scene of the suffering of Jesus, but we were deeply touched, this experience was engraved in our inner heart forever.

"Then Jesus said to his disciples:" If anyone desires to come after me, deny himself and take up his cross and follow me"(Matthew 16:24). Those people who believe in Jesus will preach about Jesus and follow the path taken by Him. At the end of the retreat, Mr. Wee, the Treasurer exhorted: "When I was young, I had a tough life, I never forgot the teachings of God, adhered to His commandments; I experienced the grace of God; and I believe that gospel ministries is the same: God’ workers may have experience that others cannot comprehend. But we still have to trust on Him, regardless of any situation, never forsake God! "

Article by Lin Wing Chuen