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Reaffirmation of Mission through the NSD Mission Day
June 15, 2012

On June 5, 2012, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) held a Mission Day with a participation of all staff of the NSD in Ilsan where the office is currently located. This Mission Day not only involved all the staffs of the NSD but also included 26 Seventh-day Adventist church members visiting from China who participated as well, making it a very special event.

The Mission Day started with worship at 8:00 in the morning. The president of the NSD, Dr. Lee, Jairyong revealed through his speech that “We are a people of mission. God has established this church for a very special purpose.We are working here at the NSD office for the mission of the church”. He re-emphasized the importance of the mission.

The NSD Mission Day was separated into morning and afternoon programs. Following the opening worship there was special music by the Golden Angels, a mission video presentation and testimonies by a couple of missionaries. Pastor Kim Ki Hwang who worked as a PMM missionary in Taiwan shared his experience of God’s grace and the growth of the church in Taiwan and touched the audience with his testimony. Pastor Kim testified how waking up early at 2 o’clock in the morning in his mission field led the church to be spiritually revived.

Pastor Kwon, NSD Adventist Mission Director introduces Mission Day Speakers (*Click to see a bigger image)

NSD president Dr. Jairyong Lee speaks to the participants

Golden Angels praising God during the morning session

PMM pastor Kim, Ki Hwang sharing mission stories and testimonies

Golden Angels singing during the luncheon

Group prayer before going out

Hishands Missionary Bae, Chan Won sharing his testimony

Mission Day participants handing out the evangelist tracts

Sharing Evangelistic Materials

During the lunch hour the NSD prepared luncheon for the people in the neighborhood and invited them to have a special meal. Before lunch they listened to the Golden Angels’ special music and the invitees received the latest Golden Angels’ DVD and some church booklets for them to share with others.

In the afternoon HisHands missionary Bae, Chan Won testified how he proclaims the Word of God despite of his disability. Brother Bae has a serious language barrier but he always carries church tracts to give out. Many participants renewed their mission spirit through his testimony.

Following the afternoon program, the participants separated into different groups and had a prayer meeting before they went to give out the tracts. Having this experience a participant from China shared her thoughts by saying “Koreans look busier than the Chinese people and at first it wasn’t easy to give out the tracts but I am happy that we gave out so many tracts. I hope the people who received the tracts will take time to read them and commit their lives to God”.

Through the NSD Mission Day the staff of NSD had a chance to reaffirm the spirit of the mission, to reconfirm the slogan “Mission First” and that the members of the Seventh-day Adventist church are a people who are especially called for a special mission purpose.

* Click to see a bigger image