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PMM Pastor Jung's Extraordinary Missionary Training in Congo
July 25, 2012

Pioneer Missionary Movement (PMM) missionary Jung, Hyo Soo, who is in the Congo, trained and sent out 21 local missionaries on June 31, 2012. They have been trained at the local Union Mission office. Before they finished their training, they spent two weeks at a public evangelistic meeting. On the last day of the meeting, there was a commencement ceremony.

There were 17 missionaries in the 1st group that were sent to the mission field each year. This is the second group of missionaries. Pastor Jung did not expect to send this second group out but he believed that this was possible through God’s amazing guidance. He also prays that he can continue to send more local missionaries in the Congo.

The two weeks of public evangelism was a practicum for evangelistic activities because he thought that one of the most important methods of sharing the gospel with neighbors is through public evangelism.

Sabbath Worship

Local missionaries and baptismal candidates marching in

2nd group of missionaries

Pinning Ceremony for local missionaries

Mr. & Mrs. Congosere

Last lecture for missionaries

B. M.W. mission donated bikes for the missionaries

Sabbath Worship

Baptismal Ceremony

Newly Baptised Members

Local Lay Missionaries

“There were many severe spiritual battles they went through”, Pastor Jung said. He gave one example of a local missionary. His name was Kasereka Congosere. He used to be a member of the Catholic Church before he became an Adventist a year ago. He was a devoted member and a school teacher. But he was expelled from his school because of his faith. He then joined this missionary group.

He thought that he must first share this message with his wife who was a church leader in another denomination. It was really not an easy task to convert her. She told her husband that if he could break the Mary statue that she worshiped then she would believe in his faith. She thought that if anyone could break her idol that person would get sick and die. But nothing happened to him. So she decided to join the true church. She was cut off from her church and lost her job but she devoted her life to the Adventist truth.

On the last day of the public evangelistic meeting, there were 38 precious souls who were baptized, and 21 local lay missionaries were sent to the mission field.