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Golden Angels' Mission Concert Trip in China
July 25, 2012

After visiting Hongkong, Taiwan and Japan, the 4th Mission Trip of the Golden Angels 9 has come. It’s the very first Mission Trip within Mainland China in the entire history of Golden Angels Ministry. Knowing that the future of the GA Ministry in China will depend upon the first visit, the Golden Angels group 9 felt a little pressure and expected a greater challenge. They did a lot of preparations, musically and spiritually for few weeks before their departure.

Finally, God's Army are now equipped with Spiritual Power for the next Mission Trip!It was 3:30 PM on the 28th of June 2012, Golden Angels 9 left Korea.

They arrived in Shanghai, China at 5:30 PM, where Pastor Liang was waiting for them. Immediately, they went to the Long-Distance Bus Station by van.

They left Shanghai at 6PM. Unexpectedly, their trip, which was supposed to be 6 hours, even lasted for 7hours. They arrived in C-city at 1AM. They were welcomed by some Pastors and Youth Director, who brought the group to the place where they will stay.

June 29, Friday, GA9 had their lunch with C-city District President, Pastor Yang, and several church members at a restaurant owned by a church member in C-city.

On June 30, Sabbath Day, GA9 attended the church service at  Ch-city Church, also known as, “C Central Church”. They sang 3 songs during the Sabbath School Program. In the evening, they had a concert at Y Church.

The next day, July 1, despite the inadequate rest due to the concert which ended quite late last night, the Golden Angels 9 practiced missionary spirit by showing their full support in the Evangelistic Meeting "Renew Me Once Again", which was held at Y Church, from 6:20 in the early morning until around 10 in the evening.

In the afternoon of July 2, Monday, the Golden Angels together with C Pastors and church members, left to H Church. When they arrived there, the group was so surprised to see so many people waiting for them, and it was like an Official Chorale Conference. They were warmly welcomed by all the Choir Leaders who were gathered there to meet and interview the group.

At 7:30 in the evening of Monday, July 2, GA9 conducted a Big concert at H Church. Right after the concert, the group, together with the other Pastors & church member, went directly to a restaurant to meet Pastor & Mrs. Kim NakHyung, to have dinner together, as they have just arrived from the airport.

On July 4, Wednesday, the Golden Angels 9, together with Pastor & Mrs. Kim, left C-city to R-city. They stayed at the G Factory Dormitory, a Factory owned by a church member in R-city.

At 6:30 in the evening, The group conducted a concert in a Function/Worship Hall inside G Factory compound. But just as how the group was doing their very best to fulfill God's mission, it seems like the evil was also doing his best to stop them. Just an hour before the concert, Arvin, the High Tenor and leader of the team, got terribly sick, he manifested stomacahe, diarrhea and a very high fever, that he needed to be brought to the hospital. But the concert has to CONTINUE! Nothing can stop the group in doing God's mission!

The Worship Hall was full. Pastor Kim NakHyung shared a message, with GA9's Soprano, Ms. Pam Lau, as the translator. After the program, Baptismal candidates were called infront and were all given Golden Angels' DVD as a present. The concert was indeed very successful, by God's grace. This Historical trip of Golden Angels group 9 was a very successful and fruitful one. Many people were able to listen to their beautiful praises and their hearts were filled with joy that only God can give.

News Article by GA9 Jehaziel Alburo