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SDA Education Summer Bible Camp Meeting
August 01, 2012

SDA Language School held a bible camp meeting in attendance with 639 people including students, teachers, staff, and pastors from each branch at Yangpyeong English Village from July 19 to 22, 2012. The main theme was ‘From Eden to Everlasting’ and Pastor Peter Gregory who serves as an evangelist and an IONA Missions Director was invited to preach.

To help students who got first taste of gospel, Pastor Gregory gave primary gospel messages such as Creation, how to overcome the needs of the flesh, and how to cut the chain of sin.

The first day of the meeting was One Day Camp hosted by each branch and participants gathered together at Yangpyeong on the next day. There were various beneficial English seminars including pronunciation, story-telling, grammar, British culture, South African culture, and personal relationship between different genders. Also, Ms. JaeHyeon Jeong, a famous TOEIC instructor, gave a special lecture on know-how of perfect score.

SDA Education Summer Bible Camp(* Click to view more images)

Participants enjoyed outdoor activities in the Sabbath afternoon. At a touching baptismal service in the evening, 60 people were born again as children of the Lord. On the candidates’ list there were Mr. JoonBeom and JoonMin Kim, twin brothers from Seokgye branch, and Ms. MiSook Byeon who was a Mormon, but studies Bible for 2 years with her teacher, Mrs. Kim Ellis.

Giving thanks to God for His special plan, Mrs. JongWon Choi from Mokdong branch shared testimony. “While my child attended the SDA Language School, he was baptized. At that time I was hard on him, for he did it without my permission. But, to me surprise, I got baptized today. How wonderful!”

“It was great to hear of Bible stories for the first time in my life and it was also good time together with good teachers and friends” said Ms. SoJeong Hwang, a participant.

The number of camp attendees has steadily increased, because it provides many interesting programs with gospel messages. The weather was perfect by God’s grace and it was a precious time to experience God’s special plan for the students.