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MMF Camp meeting - Revived by His Word
August 06, 2012

There was a successful camp meeting held by Mongolian Mission Field at the Ulaanbaatar public campsite from July 25 to 29, 2012. The number of attendees registered was about 340 and more than 500 people attended on Sabbath. It was the greatest and the most blessed meeting in the history of churches in Mongolia. 

Pastor Si Young Kim, NSD PMM Coordinator, was a main speaker and his speeches focused on the theme “Revived by His Word: from descendants of Genghis Khan to descendants of Christ.” He emphasized soul-winning which is the greatest concern of the Lord. “God’s expectation and aspiration toward us is greater than Genghis Khan’s dream of conquering the world. If you give yourself to the Lord through bible study, prayer, and mission activities, He will call you to be His descendants, so that you can evangelize whole world as well as this vast Mongolia” said Pastor Kim.

MMF Camp Meeting Attendees (* Click to view more images)

The meeting contained many gracious programs of touching sermons, beautiful praises, small group activities, and fellowship. Attendees also enjoyed jogging every morning and interesting games such as soccer, basket ball, volley ball, and jumping rope at the sports festival in Friday afternoon.

In addition, there were many meaningful ceremonies during the meeting. Children’s dedication service, ordination for PMM Pastor NamWoong Jeong in Maranatha Church, and baptismal ceremony for 20 new heavenly families were held on July 28, Sabbath day.

We hope the mission spirit strongly carved in attendees’ hearts and minds can be aflame for God’s work. And also we give thanks to all pastors, staff, and participants as well as God who blessed this camp.