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NSD Camporee's wide range of fun filled activities
August 12, 2012

The 2012 Northern-Asia Pacific Division (NSD) Pathfinder Camporee is successfully going on. The camporee has a pre-planned schedule consisting of a wide range of activities. The day begins with devotions every morning, followed by a delicious breakfast. The Pathfinders have camp duties to perform which include camp cleaning, helping in the kitchen and other duties of like manner.

During the day there area large number of booth activities, games, events, exhibitions and cultural programs organized in which the Pathfinders take an active part. This enriches their social life as they make friends with one another.

Some of the many booth activities which are full of fun are Felt Craft, Korean Traditional Masks, Violin Making, Fishing, Book Art, Dress Making, First Aid, Sign Language, Drilling and Marching, Communication, as well as many others.

The participants have all enjoyed the booth activities and received certificates or pins when they finished their goals.

At the mini zoo, there are about 30 kinds of welcoming little friends such as amonkey, skunk, snake, iguana, donkey, rabbit, and hamster.There are so many different animals that the participants donot have a chance to get close to all of them.

Also, the participants have many chances to meet many friends from different countries. They exchange their Camporee pins or souvenirs and enjoy their new friendships.

During the evening program, there are many interesting culture events and programs. Camporee participants from different countries have time to do marching and to present their special features. Also,many other musical and cultural performances were done by the Shulamite Musical Team, Jesus I music group, and the Eulim Musical Team.

The day ends with devotional messages from various speakers. The children, as well as the adults,are spiritually blessed by the messages rendered.