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Taegang Sahmyook Elementary School Gains Success in Evangelism
August 23, 2012

The Children’s International Worship Program, which was begun to evangelize children and their parents, has produced good results. It was setup for children to voluntarily participate in programs, and to provide an opportunity to serve others. Children can listen to the Word of God, and have confidence in salvation. They can also do various activities such as be child deacons, translators, play in the orchestra and be choir members. The Sabbath School has English, Korean, and Chinese classes, and instructors in each class are also children. The divine worship is in English.


On Sabbath afternoon, the school and chaplaincy provides Adventurer and Pathfinder programs in order to train children as global leaders. The students’ parents are very satisfied with the programs because the children who are involved in international worship, Pathfinder, and Adventurer programs, show positive changes in character and attitude. Based on the positive response of the parents, the school also gives parents an opportunity to serve in the programs, and introduces the gospel through various means.

Many parents have discovered the truth and met Jesus as their personal Savior. The accurate statistics of the regular baptismal ceremonies shows such a miracle, too. Six people were baptized on March 31 at the first baptism of the year. The number of baptisms has been increasing. A baptismal ceremony has been held almost every week. To date, a total of 85 people, which were made up of 44 students and 41 parents, were born again and it is a miraculous harvest of souls.

In addition, the school has a plan to join the HisHands Mission Movement this coming September in order to develop more systematic and constant evangelistic activities.

The virtuous cycle is still going on. When teachers teach the Bible to children, the child’s life is changed. When children are changed, the parents participate in school programs. When parents meet Jesus, they lead other parents to the Lord.

May God continue to bless the soul-winning work of the Taegang Sahmyook Elementary School.