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International ASI Convention
September 05, 2012

If anyone knows about ASI (Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries), that person must know about the Big vigorous Event of International Convention of ASI, which is  held yearly at the 2nd weekend of August in USA, changing the venue every year. 

This year, it was held at Duke Energy Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, from Aug. 8 to 11.  Our four officers of NSD ASI, Mr. Song JongHyun, president, Mr. Oh SooHo, vice president, Mr. Song JaeHyun, secretary, and Teru Fukui, coordinator, being eager to learn something to invigorate our ASI of NSD, visited this Convention, and got a hands-on experience. 

The Convention consisted of mainly 3 parts, 1) Meetings, full of spiritual messages and testimonies, plenary and sub-divided, 2) Exhibitions of all kinds of church supporting ministries, health, educational, media, publications and many others, more than 300 exhibitors, and 3) official committees which were held with other programs simultaneously and off-limit to outsiders.

Graciously enough, the Secretary-Treasurer of NAD (North American Division) ASI, and the head of spiritual affairs, Mr. DenzilMcNielus met with us personally taking almost 3 hours to share the stories of their works and blessings.  All of our officers were so blessed to know how they operate the organization and its vision. 

The members and attendees of ASI are so eager to support those Church Supporting Ministries run by lay creative people, and the amount of the offerings that they dedicated to support these ministries during the Sabbath Worship service was nearly $2 million whereas the target was $1.3 million this year according to the announcement.  Now, please pray for our NSD ASI.

News ariticle by Teru Fukui, NSD ASI coordinator