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CHUM Mission Day
October 08, 2012

To follow the mission day mandate by the Northern Asia-Pacific Division(NSD), Chinese Union Mission(CHUM) had a mission day on Sep 11, 2012 that involved all the staff. All the CHUM staff went into communities in Hong Kong to proclaim God’s salvation, and to let people know that Jesus is the only hope for this world.

In the morning, some of the staff members organized into teams to visit friends and families who are not yet Christians. Another group went to an outlying island to visit six families, and they made moon cakes together as it is now coming close to the mid-autumn festival.

In the afternoon, 40 staff members were divided into three groups to visit three nursing homes in different parts of Hong Kong. These nursing homes are operated by Hong Kong Macau Conference to provide daily activities for the elderly people in the communities. The reason CHUM chose to visit these nursing homes was that we want to show our care to a group of people who often are neglected by the society, and by demonstrating our love to them, we hope they will come to know God.

Our staff put on variety of programs which included singing, games, short sermon, lucky draw and picture taking for the elderly people. It was a time enjoyed by everyone, including staff members of the centers. There were total of 207 elderly people present in three centers.

CHUM staff members enjoyed this activity immensely. They all felt that with this spiritual filled activity, they are more encouraged to work more faithfully as they prepare for the soon coming of our Lord.