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JUC Shepherdess Ministry Blesses Many Pastoral Families
October 15, 2012

I would like to introduce the fellowship among the shepherdesses and some activities under the initiative of the JUC shepherdess in this year.

Regarding the fellowship, though we cannot have the meeting on a union and conference basis in recent years for the limited budget, we strengthen the fellowship and encourage each other through the pastoral family retreat on a district basis.

These photographs show how the retreats of Tokyo and Kansai and Kyuusyuu district were. And it was great privilege for us to have the meeting for the shepherdess with Pastor Lynn Ripley from NSD in Tokyo in April.

Regarding the activity of JUC Shepherdess, 7 pastors’ wives will attend the seminar which will be held for the pastors of EJC at the Deer Mountain in Korea in this year.  I appreciate the subsidy from NSD that will help them to attend. And though the frontline project for the church members has started since 2010, JUC approved to support for the shepherdess to attend this spiritual retreat.  To my delight, it has resulted in 3 pastors’ wives beginning to study some material in preparation for this retreat.

And I am also working to put out a newsletter for the shepherdess and deliver some books to young shepherdesses about home worship that have been published.


By Keiko Shoji, JUC Shepherdess International Coordinator