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Tokyo Chinese Evangelistic Meeting
October 15, 2012

Praise the LORD! We have successfully finished our Chinese Evangelistic meeting in Tokyo, Japan. We started our meeting on September 4 and ended it on September 8. We had around 40 to 50 in attendance every night, even though Tokyo is a very busy city. We felt it would be difficult to conduct five days of meetings but through God’s helping hands, and the Holy Spirits’ guidance, we saw that God will prepare the people to attend, and we just need to share His love and Words.

I would especially like to express my appreciation to the JUC (Japan Union Conference) for their support and help. We completed our Tokyo Chinese Evangelistic Meeting with the help of 11 His Hands singing members. I want to also thank Dr. Samuel Wang and his wife, from Taiwan, for holding the five day Evangelistic Meeting program. I would like to give another special thank you to my Chinese church members for being so very active and helping in so many ways to support God’s work. I pray that God will bless them.

 Usually the Japanese Church opens an Evangelistic meeting which is only held for one to two days on a weekend. But since I have been here, I always open at least a five day meeting. I received some suggestions from the Japanese people to not open meetings for too many days, and just have it only on the weekend. As you know, people are very busy in Tokyo and no one can attend the meetings. But during this time, I experienced again how God always has special ways to prepare people to attend the meetings. I do believe that God has plans for every thing and for each one of us.

On the last day of the meetings, there were four people who decided to follow Jesus and were willing to get baptized soon. I hope that God will bless our Chinese Church in Tokyo, and then can set up the Chinese church as soon as possible to glorify His name! 


Reporter: Pastor Yu Chuan Fu, Tokyo Chinese Mission Center, Pioneer Mission Movement