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A Stream of Sewer Can be a Cleansing Water
October 22, 2012

The first Sabbath in September, 2012, five evangelistic meetings were held in Ntungamo, which is a District in West Uganda, Africa. It was not easy to conduct five evangelistic meetings at the same time, but it was accomplished by the grace of God, and the church member's dedicated service. During the meeting period, there was a total of three times baptisms.120 souls were born again.

Unfortunately, the only place available for the baptisms was a small stream near the evangelistic meeting place, which had the stench of sewer. Most of the people in Uganda are afraid of water so when they walked into the smelly stream, their body became stiff in fear. But they were determined to be baptized.

Their fears soon began to leave when they realized that God was accomplishing something wonderful, and just followed His will. Just as the baptisms were taking place, a light rain began to fall, which felt like the blessing of the Holy Spirit congratulating each new member on their rebirth.

A Pentecostal church pastor was among the people baptized. He said, "I believed the text, 'The truth will set you free,' and I finally found the truth. I couldn't deny this eternal truth so I decided to be baptized."

After the baptisms, they each received a certificate and some presents. We knelt down and prayed together. The water may have been dirty but it cleansed the sins from the peoples’ hearts.

We give thanks to all the pastors, staff and participants, but most of all we give thanks to God who blessed this evangelistic meeting.