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KAPA Students reach Their Community Through an English Program
October 26, 2012

“Let’s Play English” is a specialized English program, free of charge to children who are in a low income family,are from a multi-cultural family, and live in the Yongmun-myeon area.The program is run by the Korean Adventist Preparatory Academy (KAPA), an International School in Yongmun-myeon, since April, 2012.

Both students and teachers are in the middle of their busy school day, but they are still full of energy and have a strong passion for learning in this very special English class. But, there is a difference between this class at KAPA and a class at other schools. The teachers are in grades 10~12 and are students at KAPA. The only duty for the foreign teachers is to advise them.The whole curriculum for the program is developed by the KAPA students, only needing assistance from the adults in an indirect way.

At this time, there are 20 students from the local community were chosen to participate in this program. Each student takes a level test, and then is categorized as novice, intermediate, or advanced in their understanding of English. In this way they can receive the best English educationin the level-differentiated classes.

Each class is taught by two to three KAPA student teachers. In the class for beginners, students learn basic English conversations. In both the intermediate and advanced class, they learn about the English words for our body structure, instruments, sports and the world of animals. They also learn English expressionsin each subject.

Kim, Ye Rim, one of the teachers in the program, said,“The day is very busy, preparing the quizzes and homework for the students. But I feel really great about how successful this job is. I feel happy when I think of my students who I meet with every Wednesday.”The smile never left her face as she said this.

“Let’s Play English” was chosen by the Education Office in Yongmun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, as a special education project, and has been welcomed by the local community.It has also drawn the attention of all sorts of press, and interest from the educational world, as well.

One of the officials of Yongmun-myeon said,“Thanks to this brilliant program, which is done for free in our community, spreading of our sharing culture will be revitalized, and it will contribute toeducational fairness. I think it canimprove the quality of our life, and helpwith budget reductions.”

Kim Hyun Min, who serves KAPA International School as a pastor and Vice Principal, said,“We could feel how popular and fabulous this program is. We are going to plan to co-operate with other volunteer organizations in order to maximize our quality of education and also expand the coverage of the applicationages. We will make a lot of different programs for them, as well.”