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2012 Global Media/Communicat Summit
October 26, 2012

The General Conference (GC) Communication Department held a Global Media Summit at the GC headquarters from September 26 to October1, 2012. 80 Adventist media professionals and Division Communication directors had an inspiring time through lectures and discussion.

The summit presented a vision for new media ministries to participants through beneficial lectures on vision for media collaboration, church branding, understanding media ministries, and social media evangelism. There were also various group discussions and presentations about global media teamwork, risk management, communication, lay participation, video conferencing, and mobile technology. The summit went beyond merely having lectures and discussion.A proposal with outstanding ideas from the summit was created for actual implementation.

A group of Seventh-day Adventist media professionals recommended a greater focus on strategic planning for more effectively conducting mission, first with a worldwide communication audit and later forming a committee to organize global initiatives. They said the goals and mission will lay a foundation for greater collaboration and integration of global media ministries. The proposal came out of a five-day global media summit and it will be voted on at this coming GC Annual Council.

Participants also visited the studios of the GC Communication Department and Hope Channel. The producing process of a 24-hour live broadcast and a broadcast network presentation were reported.

Williams Costa Jr., GC Communication Director, said, "The summit helped Adventist media professionals recognize the importance of collaboration and integration inthe Gospel work and it resulted in actual and efficient cooperation among them."