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Dedication of Pioneer Mission Movement Missionaries
November 06, 2012

On November 3, the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) held a dispatching and dedication service for the Pioneer Mission Movements(PMM) 11th batch of missionaries at the Seoul Central Church.

Eightpastors have dedicated six years of their life for missionary service. They are Kim, InSu(Taiwan), Kim, HyungKil(Mongolia), Song, EulSub (UT), Lee, KiWon(UT), Kim, KiHwang(UT), Oh, ChangKyu(Philippines), and Bae, JinSung(India).

This missionary dedication service was held during the NSD Annual Council Session which meant that there were many delegates from the General Conference (GC) and other Unions participating. Among the participants were Elder G.T. Ng, GC Secretary, Elder Armando Miranda, GC General Vice President, and Dr. Cheryl Doss, GC Institute of World Mission Director (IWM), just to name a few of the many Union and Conference officers and directors.

There were various special features for the service. Elder G.T. Ng, GC Secretary,preached a sermon; Pastor Kim, Si Young, NSD PMM Coordinator, introduced the PMM missionaries; and,Dr. Jairyong Lee, NSD President, gave a plaque of appointment to each missionary. There were four important remarks given by Elder Kim, DaeSung, Korea Union Conference (KUC)President, Elder R. John, Southern Asia Division (SUD)President, Dr. CherylDoss, GC IWM Director, and Elder Elbert Kuhn, Mongolia Mission Field (MMF)Director. 


The GC Vice President, Elder Armando Miranda, gave a mission charge to the eight missionaries, and all the delegates placed their hands on the missionaries, offering a prayer of dedication. Elder P.D. Chun, the former NSD President, led the dedication prayer.

In other remarks, Dr. Cheryl Doss, GC IWM Director, said,“You have responded to the call of God asking you to preach the Gospel to the world and to make disciples of all nations. You will face many challenges but you will find yourself growing more in unexpected ways.”She continued by saying,“When you find out that you lack something, it is a chance for God to work for you. Please move forward trusting in the Lord.”

The NSD President, Dr. JairyongLee said,“I pray that all of you will be filled with the Holy Spirit as you go to your mission field to preach the Gospel.”

The GC Vice President,Elder Armando Miranda, said,“You are called by God to perform the mission that God has given you, just like Abraham left his hometown and relatives. Please go forward trusting that God is always with you.”

In 2003 the NSD had launched the Pioneer Mission Movement to send missionaries to un-entered areas to plant churches as a global pioneer mission project.