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2012 NSD Annual Council
November 08, 2012

The Annual Council of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) was held from November 1-5, 2012 in Ilsan, Korea. The church leaders of the General Conference (GC), Division, Unions, Conferences, Mongolia Mission Field (MMF), institutions, and the Unorganized Territory (UT), all participated in the annual meeting of the NSD full Executive Committee. This NSD year ending meeting was blessed with five representatives from the General Conference: General Vice President, Armando Miranda; Executive Secretary, G.T. Ng; Associate Treasurer, Raymond Wahlen; Mission Institute Director, Cheryl Doss;and,Adventist World Radio (AWR) President, Dowell Chow.

The theme “Spiritual Revival Through His Word” was written on the banner of the meeting place. Reading one chapter of the Bible each day before the sessions led the delegates to be inspired, and empowered by God’s Word. The emphasis was placed on the great commission of Jesus Christ during the Advisory Council on Evangelism and Witness, on the first day of the council, with a presentation by Cheryl Doss, Director of Mission Institute (the Institute of World Mission).

The NSD President, Dr. Jairyong Lee, said at his presidential report, “Our work will never stop or become slower until the gospel commission is fully accomplished in the entire field. This commission comes from Jesus, who said,‘And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.’” (Matthew 24:14)

During the five-day meeting, presidential or departmental reports from each entity were presented. All the Presidents of the Unions, Institutions prepared their annual reports and gave reports concerning their ministries how God has been leading His church and the gospel ministries.The NSD media center prepared many video reports such as Pathfinder Camporee, Tokyo 13, Ulaanbaatar Evangelistic meeting, PMM, HisHands, CLAP. Delegates also discussed about, and approved, various agenda items including the plans, budgets, policy amendments, and the Chinese Union Mission (CHUM) reorganization.

One special and significant voted action was about the CHUM reorganization. The NSD Annual Council recorded and adopted the action taken during the 2012 GC Annual Council following the NSD Special Executive Committee’s recommendation on September 13, 2012, as follows:

1. The current union mission status of the Chinese Union Mission will be retained.

2. The Hong Kong-Macao Conference (HKMC) and union institutions (Adventist Healthcare Hong Kong: Hong Kong Adventist Hospital,Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital, and Hong Kong Adventist College) in Hong Kong will remain under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Union Mission.

3. The Unorganized Mission Field of China will remain a part of the Chinese Union Mission.

4. The Taiwan Conference (TWC), Taiwan Adventist Hospital, Taiwan Adventist College, and the Signs of the Times Publishing Association will be attached to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division.

5. The above reorganization will be effective January 1, 2013.

Since the issue of reorganization of the Chinese Union Mission has been the focus of discussion at the General Conference (GC) and the NSD, the GC has sent Taskforce and Survey Commission Teams to visit both Taiwan and Hong Kong for the realignment of the Union’s territory. The main purpose of the reorganization process is for the enhancement of the work in the Unorganized Territory with the CHUM, and for strengthening the work in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

To the new CHUM structure, the NSD Annual Council has appointed new CHUM officers, who are as follows: President, Robert S. Folkenberg Jr.; Secretary, Daniel Jiao; and, Treasurer, Wong, Kwok-Leung (Johnny).  Also, a new NSD Associate Treasurer, Liu, Li-Chun (Dan), was appointed for the NSD Taipei branch office in order to operate the NSD institutions in Taiwan more smoothly. (Picture Left: Newly elected CHUM President - elder Robert Folkenberg, Jr.)

 Beside the CHUM reorganization, the NSD will operate the Adventist Multi-Cultural Family Service Center in Ansan, Korea (former Ansan Migrants Mission Center) as a division institution, effective January 1, 2013.

Pastor Kim, Young Soo was appointed as the President/Director of the Center during the meeting, and he will continue to serve for the mission to the migrant workers, and their families in Korea.

On Sabbath, November 3, the PMM dedication service was held for eightpastors who are going to be sent to five foreign countries including Taiwan, Mongolia, the UT, the Philippines, and India. A special event during the NSD Annual Council was the Golden Angels music concert held in the Sahmyook University auditorium. The title of the concert, “One Voice, One Mission,” reconfirmed that we will continue to go forward with the great commission until our Savior’s return.