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The Okinawa Mission Has Set a Goal to Train 100 HisHands Missionaries Next Year
December 03, 2012

The Okinawa Mission in Japan held a HisHandsMission Movement Missionary (HHMM) Training Seminar on November 10 and 11, 2012, at the Naha Church in Okinawa. Pastor Han, Suk Hee from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD) was the speaker.

About 20 HisHands candidates learned the philosophy and method of a HHMM missionary, how to use the distribution materials, and have the “Mission First” spirit. They also participated in various programs such as gaining house-to-house visitation experience, testimonies, and feedback programs. Pastor Han preached that,“Mission is not a success or failure issue but an obedience or disobedience issue.” He also emphasized, “When we obey the mission command of the Lord and go out spreading the gospel with a simple and sincere heart, our Lord will consider it as a success.”

The Okinawa Mission set a goal to train 100 HisHands missionaries next year, and 300 missionaries in three years, just like Gideon’s 300 warriors. The seminar attendees said that they learned the necessity of the HisHands Mission Movement, and that the seminar was very useful to them. Here are some favorable reactions, and positive responses from the participants.

Participants in Hishands Seminar (* Click to view a bigger images)

Hishands seminar is held in Naha Church

Mr. Masamitsu Isa translates for Pr.Han

Pr.Tomihama gives opening message

Hishands missionaries are taking the publications

Pr. Ikemasu shows Hishands bag

Okinawa HisHands

Pr. Tomihama divides places for house to house visitation

Yukio Ebihara, Okinawa Mission President

 “HisHands Ministry is one of God’s plans to reach people. We need to meet people continuously where they are. We may taste both blessing and disappointment through this ministry but we will never give it up. It is God’s command to plant the seeds of the Gospel in every town and village on earth. Let us go out with joy until the end of the world.”

MasuoIkemasu, Pastor of theKoza Church

“I was deeply convinced of using Christ’s method of mission,which is sending out disciples two-by-two instead of waiting for the people to come to the church. Pastor Han expected us to gather 300 dedicated members for HHMM at the Okinawa Mission, but as a first step we want to recruit 100 members.” 

SogenTomihama, Pastor for Naha Church

“I appreciate this workshop very much, especially that it was held at the Naha church which is my home church. We enjoyed not only a lecture but also going out to visit our neighbors. Our church members were blessed so much.”

Shizuko Ikemasu, Koza Church

“In these latter days I have been disappointed many times in the lack of resultsfrom distributing handouts, and throughevangelism. Today I verified the importance of evangelism, and sureness of the Lord’s promises. I also received encouragement and divine power. I want to dedicate my life again to the His Hands missionary work, and other tasks for Christ.”


Mrs&MrKusayama, Naha Church

 “’Back to the Basics’-Thanks for the simple, basic principle of evangelism,and ‘True Healing of Complex Society’ - especially Japanese Society! Thanks again!”

HitomiHiga, Naha Church

“Thank you so much for participating in the His Hands workshops. I was so moved by the message Pastor Han, Suk Heeeagerly preached. I was so convinced that action is very important that I will go out as a His Hands missionary.”