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HHMM Launching Ceremony with Adventist Taxi Drivers
December 11, 2012

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, there was a His Hands Missionary Movement (HHMM) launching ceremony in the auditorium of the Korean Union Conference (KUC). The missionaries who applied for HHMMat this time were all taxi drivers who havea passion for Christ.

They are also men of evangelism. They have always sharedthe Good News with people but now with the new opportunity the HHMM has given them, they have decided to distribute the booklets to customers who get in their car. Indeed, they conduct the heavenly work in their daily routine.

The total number of missionaries is nine.There was an especially meaningful meeting where people decided to devote their whole life to spread the Gospel.

Pr. Kang, Soon Ki, the Korean Union Conference ASI Director, gave a speech on “Through Philip’s Devotion and Mission, He Baptized an Ethiopian Eunuch.” He said,“I hope that we all have Philip’s passionate concern for others so that we can lead them to Jesus!”

The missionaries, along with their local church pastors, offered a special prayer together to give thanks to God for this opportunity.Then the local church pastors offered a prayer for each HisHands Missionary.

Thankfully, the KUC supported the missionaries by giving themvarious booksand pamphlets including “The Great Controversy.”

Oh, Young Chul, leader of the HHMM taxi drivers, said that more Adventist taxi drivers need to participatein helping to spread the gospel in our community.They also need the continuous prayers for their ministry from the Adventist church members.

These are the names of the nine HHMM missionaries: Oh, Young Chul; Lee, Sang Guk; Han,KwangSoo; Lee, Won Gu; Kim, Dong Nam; Cho,Seong Yong; Hwang, Jin Tae; Kim,Dong Ho; and, Lee,JeongYul.