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Physical Developments on the Rise
December 11, 2012

During 2012, the Mongolia Mission Field (MMF) was blessed to acquire five new properties. A parcel of land that is 600 square meters in the Hentii Province, which is 333 kilometers (km)from the capital city; a 472 square meter lot situated in the Arkhangai Province, approximately 468 km away from Ulaanbaatar; a lot and building in Erdenet City, and two other newly constructed church buildings.

On October 13, 2012, the MMF officers conducted an inauguration ceremony, and organization of the Munkhiin Geree SDA Church located in the Ovorkhangai Province. The office staff participated in the event along with the regular church goers within the area, as well as some visitors.

The same meaningful ceremonies are yet to take place for the Amazing Grace church building which will becompleted, and dedicated in January, 2013. It is interesting to note that the last time a church was officially organized in Mongolia was eight years ago.

The aforementioned physical developments are a byproduct of both the MMF’s capital investments, and donations from benevolent donors. Most of the donations have come from Australian’s who, at some point in time, came to visit Mongolia to present evangelistic meetings. It is our dream to plant more churches in the key cities around the country. God willing, the MMF will raise more new church buildings. Above all, we will increase the Adventist population!